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  • Basic setup (Davis station,sun moon rise/set, solar setup)

  • Basic setup of WD Mac version (Davis Station)

  • Setup for a USB Acurite weather station (tip: delete the c:\vis directory if that exists)

  • Metar setup

  • Basic customise internet and file creation FTP setup

  • Initial rain (or set new rain totals) and barometer offset

  • How to edit past daily rain totals

  • How to edit/enter past monthly rain totals

  • Setting up a custom screen

  • Wunderground/CWOP setup

  • How to connect to a Davis IP data logger

  • Show real time wind/temp graph on main screen

  • How to show a downloaded satellite image on the main WD screen

  • Setup clientraw.txt real time FTP upload

  • How to show extra data scroller (uses custom tags, e.g show zambretti forecast)

  • How to back up settings files, to transfer WD to a new pc or to email developer the settings files for help with settings or a bug

  • How to FTP files to a 2nd FTP server using the General FTP upload

  • Convert Davis USB data logger in USB Express mode to virtual serial port mode

  • Recreate NOAA report (used by web page scripts) and FTP upload it

  • Recreate Standard Av/Ext report and FTP upload it

  • Correct graph data spikes

  • Correct data via the logfile

  • Basic tutorial on the use of the language.ini file to set any language on the WD main screen

  • Setting windows power settings to optimal

  • Webcam setup (file save/over-lay/mp4 movies/upload/use as icon/animated gif/image at graph cursor)

  • Basic "Carterlake" web site setup (build 313 or later)

  • How to setup to upload a signaturebanner to your web site

  • How to create a custom output file/logfile,using custom tags

  • How to setup to send a weather report email

  • WMR200 history data explained

  • Download an image (e.g a satellite image) via HTTP and set that to be created into an animated gif and then set that to be shown on the WD main screen

  • Quick overview of how to set up to send data to your mobile device,via the free WDliveapp, without the need for a web site/FTP server, via a free cloud service

  • How to use your wunderground data to fill in missing data into WD

  • Setup weather map (mesomap) to show current weather conditions for stations in your area on map (using the latest version of WD)

  • How to set up windows task scheduler to have Weather Display start up with admin privileges on windows start up

  • How to set up to have Weather Display start up with admin privileges via a desktop short cut (uses windows task scheduler)

  • Add custom tags to the main weather display screen

  • How to setup the 'Steel Gauges/Series' to show real time weather data on your web site (uses HTML5 and not Flash)

  • How to find your Station ID WeatherFlow App

  • Quick over-view of how to setup WD to create a custom web page from a template file (which has custom tags in in it)

  • Quick video showing how to setup weather station type as Ambientweather.net

  • How to setup icon from airport METAR

  • Latest News!
    Version 10.37S Build 120
    News:12th September 2020. Added support for the new Davis Air Quality sensor.:23th May 2019. Added support for Davis WLL.Added support to upload data to Windy.com.Added support to upload data to Openweathermap.Added MQTT support.Wunderground API will close on the 22nd March. WD latest version now supports the new API. You will need to use this if you use the WU Almanac or WU data.25th February 2019 :Added support for Windguru.Fixed bug with Januuary climate report.Faster history processing.Added support for ambientweather.net .Added support for OS WMR89.Added support for 280 Twitter limit.Added support for Homeweather API. Added main screen custom to Mac and Linux versions.Improved Linux versions. Added support for history data from WeatherFlow station.Added support for the "purpleair.com" air quality sensor.Added support for NOAA NWS API Point Forecast.Fix for individual dial images pointer not matching value number.Added Bloomsky station support. Fix for extra sensor real time graph plot lines not auto updating.Fix for %changeinday% seconds. Fix for .wlk Davis import.Fixed potential variable corruption.

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